Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Hell is the Grace of God (St. Gabriel the Confessor)

By St. Gabriel the Confessor of Georgia
The Lord does not leave a person, a person leaves God.

God has done no evil, because evil has no substance.

Evil is a lack of good.

Satan was a bearer of light, created with goodness, but then, when he deprived himself of the good, he changed into evil.

God did not create torments for man.

To a sinful person, hell is the Grace of God.

When a person is very upset, he prefers to bang his head against the wall - the wall gives him relief, even though his head hurts.

That which the wall does, is hell fire in hell.

It keeps a person's soul in more torment.

Otherwise, if an unrepentant evil soul reaches God, it will burn just like an ant approaching the sun.