Monday, December 28, 2020

Liquid Chips, 5G Towers and the Mark of Antichrist. The Perspective of a Priest and Physicist

By Priest Maxim Pervozvansky

Before becoming a priest, I graduated from the Department of Experimental and Theoretical Physics of the Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics, so I will try to explain the ideas behind the liquid chips and 5G towers, first from the technical and then from the spiritual standpoint.

Good news No. 1: “Liquid chip” is a misnomer. The chip has a solid silicon structure and simply cannot be liquid in the typical meaning of the word. What it actually refers to is quantum dots or quantum sensors. A quantum dot assembly may be placed in a colloidal capsule. So the ubiquitous “liquid chip” is nothing more than a colloidal capsule with quantum dots in it.

Good news No. 2: Technically, this “liquid chip” cannot function as a controller. According to the publicly available scientific data, the quantum dot research has been continuing since 1998, reaching its peak in 2008-2013. Later on, concerned that competitors may steal their inventions, the companies stopped publishing any information about their discoveries in this field.