Friday, May 15, 2020

An Essential Introductory Guide to the Book of Revelation for Orthodox Christians

By Demetri Mauropoulos

The Apocalypse [Book of Revelation] was written at the end of the first century. The author is the evangelist John, the apostle of Christ. When this book was written, this form of writing was familiar and intimate to people.

As early as the second century B.C. texts began to appear to try to describe events very strongly, especially events that are directly related to people's experience, but also situations of metaphysical content, with images that have an apocalyptic character, that is, a mystical character (in the sense of being initiated into something unspoken).

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Expectation of the Second Coming Isn’t About Fairy-Tales

By Eustathios Kephalouros

The way the Church lives is in the end times. From the moment Christ ascended into heaven, the Church has never ceased to await His return to the world. The eschatological expectation manifests itself to the faithful in different ways in different eras. This is the message I heard on Meatfare Sunday when I went to church.

So that Sunday I went to church because, apart from anything else, I’d hear about the Second Coming. A difficult subject, for theologians and everyone. In fact, this is what I heard that day: Theological discourse regarding the last times and what will happen before and during the Second Coming is neither easy nor without danger.