Saturday, April 11, 2020

When Metr. Augoustinos Kantiotes Foretold the Coming of a Great Epidemic

In 1990, the fiery Metropolitan Augoustinos Kantiotes of Florina (+ 2010) foretold a coming apocalyptic epidemic that sounds a lot like the current pandemic of the coronavirus. Decide for yourself. What he said can be read in translation below and you can listen to his words in the recording under it as he said it:

"We are in danger of an epidemic. An epidemic will come. My, oh my! It's coming, it's coming, it's coming, it's coming. It's coming! An epidemic. Not influenza like the influenza where you fall into bed and so forth, but in accordance with the Apocalypse an epidemic will come with a sickness by a strange name which will annihilate, which will put to shame the doctors, which will put to shame the pharmacies, everything. Like a vacuum cleaner! What will God do with us? We do not pray. We do not read Holy Scripture. Fornications and adulteries and divorces and impurities. Dirty and unclean worms! An epidemic is coming that will ravage the entire world! Like a vacuum cleaner! Just like during the First World War when influenza ravaged all of Athens, and thousands fell dead. It will come from the East! A terrible epidemic! We are in danger my brethren! Lord have mercy. Let us fall on our knees, on our arms, in prayer."