Friday, May 4, 2018

The Second Coming of Christ on Mount Athos

The beautiful and detailed icon above is titled "The Second Coming of Christ on the Holy Mountain" and was painted by Elder Panteleimon of Kavsokalyva.

It depicts the future Judgement Day when the Lord will sit in judgment. Behind Him is Mount Athos, with the ladder of divine ascent leading to heaven, where the Theotokos stands on a cloud interceding. On the right and left of Christ are the resurrected monks brought to judgement, the righteous of whom stand at His right hand, having the Theotokos as their advocate. On the left hand is the lake of fire, prepared for the damned.

The texts around the icon are scriptural passages about the Second Coming of Christ, as well as a promise from the Theotokos that she will advocate for the monks of Mount Athos on that Dreadful Day.

If you look at this work as three-dimensional, then you will understand the inspiration of the iconographer.