Thursday, May 26, 2016

What Do Athonite Monks Say About the Last Days? (Abbot Ephraim of Vatopaidi)

Archimandrite Ephraim, Abbot of Vatopaidi Monastery, was asked the following question and responded:

What do Athonite Monks say about the Last Days?

Well, nowadays it is fashionable to speak about the Antichrist. Satan attacks from the left and from the right: he advises man either not to take care for the end times, or he tries to convince him that the end of time comes tomorrow. People apt to think about the End Times are afraid of everything, and that can bring only spiritual harm. A great number of such advice is not God-pleasing. A true Christian has to take care about the moment of his death – our death is our Last Day. Be devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Church that keeps the Tradition will inform us about the Antichrist, and She is the One that will tell us what to do.