Saturday, April 30, 2016

Easter on the Island of the Apocalypse - Patmos (documentary)

The documentary below is in Greek and takes us to the island of the Apocalypse, Patmos, during the solemn period of Passion Week and ends with how the locals celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on Easter.

Three of the most important and unique features of Patmos during this time is the Holy Washbowl Ceremony on Holy Thursday, the Easter gathering on the afternoon of Easter Sunday, and the procession on Bright Tuesday.

On Holy Thursday, what spurs our attention and our awe is the special ceremony of the Holy WashBowl taking place in Chora of Patmos in the morning, according to the Byzantine traditions, and it is an event that takes place only in Patmos and Jerusalem. Thousands of people gather for this special ceremony.

In the afternoon of Easter Sunday, the whole island celebrates the Resurrection together with the visitors of Patmos in the square of Skala, where the municipality and cultural associations of the island offer a rich table with Easter dishes, eggs, Patmian cheesepies and sweets, wine and an impressive show with local dances, which are danced by young men and women of the island dressed in the traditional costume of Patmos.

The ritual of Easter ends on Bright Tuesday with the procession of the holy icons in the houses of every parish, in order for every house to have the God’s blessing. The icons of the Holy Monastery are transported to the square of St. Levia in Chora, while the abbot sanctifies, and the monks venerate the relics they have brought with them.